Saturday, 19 March 2016

It is scorcing hot weather in Malaysia now! What to do when heatstroke 中暑 happens?

Heatstroke (中暑) 1st Aid
Hot weather in Malaysia.

The global heat wave or Equinox phenomenon currently experienced by Malaysia is expected to continue until April 2016!  This phenomenon takes place twice a year in March and September where the sun is located directly above the equator with the Peninsular being hit with the highest degree of heat. Average temperature forecast is max 38oC during daytime and 23oC at nighttime.

Heatstroke (中暑) occurs when the body temperature rises to 40oC and above. A person could collapse, and it may be life-threatening and resulted in death.
Till date (as of 18th March 2016), a person had died due to the heatstroke.

"When a person collapsed, what should we do?"

1. Call 999 (emergency medical services).
2. Move the person to a cool place.
3. Remove unnecessary clothing.
4. Cool the entire body by sponging and spraying cold water.
5. Apply ice packs as much as possible.
6. Check the patient’s RECTAL temperature; try reducing it to below 390C. Temperature measured by mouth and ear not accurate in emergency conditions.
7. If a child stop breathing, begin CPR rescue breathing.
8. NEVER give PARACETAMOL or ASPIRIN to patients with heatstroke. It will cause unnecessary body response.
9. If the patient is awake and alert, give enough fluid 1L to 2L for hydration.

"How to prevent our body from being overheated?"

1. Wear sunblock SPF30 (for indoor); SPF50 (for outdoor, re-applied every 3 hourly).
2. Stay indoor between 12pm-3pm.
3. Drink at least 3L of fluid a day.
4. Bath frequently with plain cold water.
5. Maintain eyes (use eye drop) and lips moisture (use lip balm). 
6. Leave a pail of water in your living room and bedroom.
7. Never leave anyone in a parked car. This is a common cause of heat-related deaths in children. When parked in the sun, the temperature in your car can rise more than 6.7oC in 10 minutes.
8. Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing.
9. Take extra precautions with certain medications. Be on the lookout for heat-related problems if you take medications that can affect your body's ability to stay hydrated. Discuss with your doctors or pharmacists for your medications.
10. Drink Chrysanthemum tea to detoxify and vitalize your
body during this hot season.

11. Consume Coconut juice to cool down your body.
12. Reduce caffeinated drinks intake.

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