Tuesday, 3 May 2016


TASEK is not a popular counter in KLSE. However, it offers a very good dividend yield to its shareholders.

28th April 2016 was the big day for TASEK where it held its AGM in Grand Millenium Hotel. To my surprise, this AGM did not attract much crowd, no sign of senior citizens gathering in this hotel like other AGM.

That day, I reached the venue just in time at about 9 am. Instead of 3rd party Investors and Corporate Service, the TASEK company staffs handled the shareholders registration manually. I said “manually” means that every documents and letters were in hardcopies, the staffs actually searched the documents by hand without using the computer ^_^! This could actually be done because there were not much shareholders and proxies attended this AGM.

Board of directors table and seats.
The only registration counter. This was the smallest counter i had ever seen.
The only door-gift given at the AGM. No breakfast provided. However, sumptuous buffet lunch spread was provided after the AGM. I am still missing the cheesecake on that day. It was really delicious! 5 star hotel food never disappoints us!
There were not more than 20 guests attended the AGM.

In short, I would say this is a good company who counts and save every cent without wastage. I am looking forward for better yield this year.

Price @ 28/4/16 = RM15.54
Dividend = RM1.10
DY= 7.08%

DISCLAIMER: This is not a buy call. You should be aware of the risks involved in stock investing, and you use the material contained herein at your own risk.

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