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Competitions for 16yo students | National Science Challenge (NSC)

National Science Challenge (NSC)
The National Science Challenge (NSC) is the nation's premier science competition open to Malaysian students aged 16. Find out what you can win, and learn more about the people involved with the competition. Check out here for more details!

What are the prizes?

The National Science Challenge (NSC) Grand Prize winner will have the opportunity to go for a Study Visit to Stockholm, Sweden and witness the prestigious Nobel Prize Award Ceremony held each year on 10 December.

How the Competition Works?

Preliminary Level, State Level, Semi Final Level and Grand Final Level & How the Competition Works.

  • 18-21 April
Preliminary Level
  • 25 April - 29 May
State Level
  • 11-18 August
Grand Final Level

Preliminary Level
Zone A (Johor, Terengganu, Kelantan, Kedah): 18 April 2016
Zone B (KL, Putrajaya, Labuan, N. Sembilan): 19 April 2016
Zone C (Pahang, Melaka, Pulau Pinang, Perlis): 20 April 2016
Zone D (Perak, Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor): 21 April 2016

The Preliminary Level will be conducted online at Registered students need to login using individual identification card number and provided password. The test comprises of 50 multiple-choice-questions and 10 fill-in-the-blank format questions. Students are given 1 hour to complete the questions under the supervision of Mentor Teacher (exam format). The questions range from various fields such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Science & Technology, and may not be based on form four curriculums. To participate, students need to form a team of three and mentor teacher will then need to register the team online. However, the online quizzes need to be attempted individually by the students. The top five teams at each State will compete at the State Level.
State Level
The State level is conducted in the form of a science quiz; comprising of three categories; Individual Category, Team Category, Open Category. The top team from each State will be selected to compete at the Semi Final Level.
Grand Final Level
Top four teams from all around the country will compete by answering quiz questions using interactive quiz software. The quiz will be conducted in three rounds, and the team with the highest mark will win the challenge.

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