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猪多宝 The Champ Kitchen @ KIP | 全马首创冠军猪手专卖店 Malaysia's first champion trotter restaurant

This is really a gem inside a forest, hidden inside the industrial estate of Kepong; you will be very surprised to find a restaurant like this which offers a unique range of pork dishes for those pork lovers.

This is the external view of the restaurant. It is better-looking than the traditional Bat Kut Teh shop. In short, it looks new and more attractive.

Unlike other typical Bat Kut Teh shop, the inside of the restaurant is very conducive with cooling air-conditioned. No worries of dining under sweating conditions!

猪多宝 The Champ Kitchen is very concerned about the quality of their food. Each pork leg is hand-selected carefully from the local organic farm. With their home-style grandma’s unique secret recipe (inherited since 4 generations ago), every 150 pork legs are handcrafted with rope tightly (to prevent the skin from being damaged), braised slowly and skillfully flavored; after triple-basted, the trotters are then being braised and stewed repeatedly over 3 days. It took 72 hours to complete the whole process to accomplish such a great dish
Daily menu of the restaurant. Watch out for the daily surprises ^_^
Collagen level of each dish is shown in the menu. Good news for those beauty lover, you may kill 2 birds with 1 stone here – get your collagen boosted and enjoy good food at the same time!

Free-flow of fresh garlic, chili, sambal chili and chili kicap are readily available. We love the sambal chili!!

The highlight of this restaurant! The must-order SIGNATURE DISH - Claypot Druken Pork Knuckle 醉香瓦褒元蹄 [RM68]. The texture of this Claypot Drunken Pork Knuckle 醉香瓦褒元 was so fork-tender and juicy inside with bouncy collagen skin outside. With the combination of the五加啤酒Wu Jia Pi Chew liquor, the trotter became so soft, flavorful and it could actually melt in our mouth!
Closer look of the Claypot Druken Pork Knuckle 醉香瓦褒. I would recommend two or more people to order this dish as it is quite a big portion at price of RM68.

猪油渣香饭Crispy pork lard rice [RM3.50] combines with Claypot Drunken Pork Knuckle 醉香瓦褒元is seriously irresistable !
Our drinks - [Left] Honey Lime 猪仔蜜佶 [RM3] ; [Right] Home cook Herbal Tea 猪仔凉茶 [RM2.50]. 
We love the herbal tea, it tasted so refreshing!

Pork hock and sliced knuckle noodle (Dry) with hot spring egg 猪蹄筋捞面 [RM17]. Ham choi 咸菜, Mui choi 梅菜, hot spring eggs 溏心蛋 and pork knuckle slice 元蹄片 had made this an excellent dish. Salivating! We still miss it very much now, gonna come back for this sometime later.
Also available in rice set. Pork hock and sliced knuckle rice 猪蹄筋捞饭 [RM16.50].
HK Wantan Noodle 港式细容馄饨面 [RM16.80].
Fried Man Tao Bun 炸馒头 RM3 (2 pieces). We love the bun, crispy outside, cotton soft inside; combine with the trotter heavenly black thick gravy as the dipping sauce, yummylicious!

鱼翅蒸蛋 Shark-fin steamed egg [RM9]. The steamed egg with generous amount of shark-fin was so silky smooth!

Newly introduced dish -  XinJiang curry BBQ lamb satay 新疆加哩羊囊串 RM13.80 (1 set - 2 pieces). For those lamb lover, this curry favored lamb satay is a must try dish too. Full of curry fragrance with juicy and tender succulent lamb inside.

Newly introduced dish 新菜色 - 港式串蚝 Oysters with sauce RM20 (2 pieces).

Homemade sea salt Ice-Cream自制猪仔咸湿雪糕RM5; Homemade Premium Truffle Bacon Ice-Cream自制精选黑松露培根雪糕RM16; Mochi with red bean paste麻芝雪糕红豆羹 RM6 (a bowl). For those who aren’t a sweet tooth, you may try out their salty ice-creams. We would say that it tastes quite unique and quite yummy as the salty favor actually brought out the sweetness from our taste-bugs. The Mochi red bean dessert was  as the paste was really concentrated without over-sweeten.

五加啤酒 Wu Jia Pi Chew liquor for their signature dish Claypot Druken Pork Knuckle 醉香瓦褒元. It is known to be very good for cold feet and strengthen our body. It is sold at RM50 each bottle and RM10 for a cup.

Where is this?
猪多宝 The Champ Kitchen | 全马首创冠军猪手专卖店
Address: No. 19, Jln KIP 1, Tmn Perindustrian KIP, 52200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
Telephone: 03-6275 1919
Business Hours: (Mon-Sat) 11:30 am-8:30 pm
                                  (Sun) 9:00 am-7:30 pm


  1. The pork hock and sliced knuckle noodle with hot spring eggs look so tempting!!

    1. Yes, it was delicious!! Best of all, my collagen get boosted at the same time ^_^


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