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Disposable Diapers Review (Malaysia) | MamyPoko ・ Goo.N ∙ Huggies ∙ Pet Pet ∙ Drypers |
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ʺHow many diapers does a baby go through in total?
How much $ will I spend on diapers over time?
What is inside diapers?
Which is best: Cloth vs. Disposable diapers?
Which diaper should I buy? ʺ
Childcare is a difficult job. Above are some of the common questions for new parents and many parent agonize over.

Now I would like to share some of my experience on diapers. This would be a genuine diaper review from me. I know many parents have been searching for good diapers at affordable price. Like most parents, both pricing (cost per diaper) and quality (cloth texture, superb absorbency, breathable, non-allergenic)  are IMPORTANT for me as this is gonna be daily use for at least 2 years before my LO is qualified to do the potting training. My baby girl is 17mo now. I had tried so many types of diapers, and below are some of the diapers that I feel like sticking to.

Let me start with my favorite choice first. [I will use * to indicate my preference]

MamyPoko TAPE *****
PROS: MamyPoko Air Fit Tape Diaper is about as close to a cloth diaper as a disposable can be. The materials used are truly fabric-like, which presents a great fit and soft feel. MamyPoko diapers make every effort at being hypoallergenic and good for baby with no chlorine, dyes, or latex. MamyPoko uses SAP (most diapers are using this technology now) but with better quality construction and materials, the likelihood that our baby will come in contact with the little jelly blobs after wetting is lesser compared to other disposables. It has superb absorbency up to up to 12 hours of urine! (MamyPoko is very suitable for night use as it reduces my LO’s waking up frequency due to diaper wetting). MamyPoko diaper has a wetness indicator and the cartoons were very cute.
CONS:  Expensive @ RM1.20 (based on non-offer price) cost per diaper [RSP: RM65 for L54]. But for the best quality, MamyPoko would be my top pick as it is more affordable compared to Merries (with the similar quality but with bloody expensive price).  However, you may keep stocks when there is crazy offer at lazada (click here to grab the offer). It is a great deal where you may get up to 80% discounts.

PROS: It is thin, comfy, and very suitable for both day and night use. It is good as it will not leak and it is non-allergenic where it won’t cause diaper rashes.
CONS: It becomes soggy when it gets wet. Price is quite expensive @ RM1.15 (based on non-offer price) [RSP: RM39.10 for L34]. Remember to check out lazada (click here to grab the offer) for greater deals too. You will get it at super cheap price.

PROS: Price is cheap @ RM0.70 (based on non-offer price) cost per diaper [RSP: RM42 for L60]. We usually can get it at RM32-RM35 during offers and the quality is good. I love it as it causes no rash, no leak, and it is quite comfy. This diaper is very suitable for day use as it won’t cause rashes with continuous use.
CONS: The absorbency of this diaper is not that good, it may not suitable for baby boy who has higher urine volume; it will leak when it is very wet and too full. I would say it is not suitable for night use.

PROS: It is cheap @ RM0.58 cost per diaper [RSP: RM36 for L62] and we can easily get it at about RM30 during promotions either online or in-stores.
CONS: It will become loose and soggy when it gets wet. And, it will cause slight redness and rashes when using it continuously. The diapers are a bit thicker compared to others, where my LO’s thighs will be wide-opened when she wears it.

PROS: It is cheap @ RM0.57 cost per diaper [RSP: RM36.50 for L64]. We can get it at about RM30 during offers as well.
CONS: I love the old packing where it used to be cheap with good quality. But since they changed the new packing and formulas last year-end, leaking seems to be a common problem to us. We won’t buy this diaper anymore.

Goo.N Baby Wipes **
PROS: Made from 99% pure water and can be used to wipe hands and face. I personally prefer something with natural ingredients and no additives.
CONS: Not easy to get the stocks in local stores and hypermarkets.

PROS:  Just apply a thin layer; Sudocrem can actually heal the rashes after one time use. Other than the LO’s butt, it can be used on face and body as well.
CONS: Price maybe slightly higher than the usual baby creams where we get it at RM16 for 60gm and RM23 for RM120gm from the local pharmacies.

Happy baby, happy life ^_^.
Hope you all find this review helpful. 
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