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Authentic Kerala Crusine @Kayra Restaurant | Indian's most advanced society food-lover's paradise, have you tried?

I bet not many people know what exactly Kerala is! Gonna explain a bit about the story of Kerala. Kerala is actually India's most advanced society with 100% literacy and world-class health care systems. She is also India's cleanest state with peaceful environment. Does that give you a good impression towards Kerala?

Now, let’s talk about their food. Kerala cuisine is known for its spicy and hot foods. It is a combination of vegetables, meats and seafood flavored with a variety of spices. Traditionally, in Kerala food is served on a banana leaf. Almost every dish prepared in Kerala has grated coconut and coconut milk as well as spices to flavor the local cuisine and giving it a sharp pungency that is heightened with the use of tamarind, while coconut gives it its richness, absorbing some of the tongue-teasing, pepper-hot flavors.

Why choose Kayra? Kayra restaurant 1st outlet was started 65 years ago in Johor Bharu in 1949. They are famous for their unaltered original and traditional Kerala cuisine. Just recently in March 2016, they opened a new branch in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur and this is managed by their Ironlady Ms Meriam who is also a lawyer with 2 kids. 

Kayra Restaurant was just newly opened this year in March.
We were really thrilled to dine in here and ordered many dishes to satisfy our taste-buds. To summarize our sumptuous lunch feast, please see foodies pictures below. 

Chicken Briyani meal set [RM17]. The chefs were very generous with filling where they put lots of chicken inside the Briyani. Tasted really good and this plate was quite a big portion which was enough to feed 2 persons.

Vegetarian Thali meal set [RM13.90]. This plate of white flurry rice tasted really good with combination of the 12 side dishes as follow (ranging in clockwise starting from left):

1. Avial - An all-time favorite, is a happy blend of vegetables, coconut paste and green chilies. Avial's seasoning is a spoonful of fresh coconut oil and a sprinkling of raw curry leaves.
2. Sambar - A lentil-based vegetable stew on a broth made with tamarind.
3. Thoran – Dry vegetable of the day where it consisted of spinach, carrot and mustard.
4. Beetroot Pachadi - Composed of beetroot mixed with a yogurt sauce, roasted coconut and mustard seeds, this is a zesty offering with sour undertones.
5. Dhall – This is a mixture of lentil and spinach.
6. Raita – This is a yogurt for those who cannot take spicy food.
7. Erissery - A mild and tempered curry with light sweet tones made with pumpkin, cow-peas and coconut.
8. Sweet sauces – Another non-spicy sauce for the spicy phobias.
9. Ginger pickles – We loved this Indian version of ginger pickles.
10. Mango Pickles – Something very special that we never tried before.
11. Papadam - I love these crunchy keropok, it was so addictive to munch!
12. Chapati - An unleavened flatbread (also known as roti) tasted really good with the side-dishes as well.

This Kayra version of fried chicken tasted like Malaysian Ayam Goreng Berempah. The chicken were crispy outside and juicy inside! And the pickles were really really yummy! Finger licking good! We loved this dish!

Kayra fried fish - the ikan tenggiri’s skin was very crispy and the flesh was juicy. Another great dish prepared by Kayra for those who don’t fancy spicy food. We loved this dish as well!

If you’re a mutton lover, Mutton Olathiatu [RM29] is a great choice where it was roasted with full Kerala spices and simmered in rich blend of spices and coconut milk. It was really yummylicious with melt in mouth mutton texture and crunchy coconut grates!

Kayra chicken is suitable for those spicy food lovers, you may challenge your taste buds with this super spicy dish. We cried while eating this dish. However, it tasted quite delicious!

Prawn Mango – This is a creamy curry with big fresh prawns cooked with pure mango puree, coconut milk, the spices and lots of chilies until thickened. Another delicious spicy dish!

Seafood Molee is a bowl of goodness with fish, squid and prawn simmered in coconut milk. This bright yellow, slightly sweet light curry tasted similar to the Malay dish Sotong Masak Lemak. Kayra’s version is full of flavor and best to go together with a bowl of steamed white rice. This is the exact size of the Kayra Thali lunch meal set.

Spicy Kerala Chicken wraps [RM13.90] is a wrap with boneless spicy BBQ chicken. It was quite spicy and full of flavor as well. The yogurt dip actually softened the spiciness of the wrap and enhanced its flavor by its sourness.

Kayra Twist – This was a very refreshing drinks made from lime, mint and ice [RM10.90].

Across one side of the wall, is a beautiful wall painting of seaside filled with houseboats with a backdrop of coconut trees which reflects the popular scenery in Kerala.


We loved the interior design of this restaurant. It was like bring us back to the 80’s. We felt really comfortable here, it was like a home.
The menu here is full of soups, appetizers, main meals and snacks like appam and puttu. The full a-la-carte menu is only available Tuesdays to Fridays for dinner and for both lunch and dinner on weekends. On weekdays during lunch hours, a Thali meal (a plate made up of a selection of dishes) is offered at affordable prices. You may refer to the pamphlets below for the pricing of Thali value set meals.

In short, we would say that everything on the menu is a gourmet of love and cooked with attention to detail and precision. You may need to prepare to spend more here than a normal Indian restaurant; however, it’s totally worth it for good and quality food like this!

Where is this?
Address:           46, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1,
 Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone:        03-7732 2009
Open Hours:     Tuesdays to Sundays: 12pm to 3.30pm; 6.30pm to 11pm
Facebook Page: Kayra Kerala Cuisine


  1. looks like a great place for meals. will checkout the food here.

  2. Chicken Briyani meal looks delicious. Will try out my Indian food here.

  3. those looks like some lip smacking good Indian dishes I know I want to try!!!!

  4. I did not realise that Kerala has its own cuisine. To me, it's all Indian but I guess I was wrong all this while. Thanks for your enlightening post. I am so hungry now and it is all your fault.

  5. no i haven't tried, but after reading your post, i MUST try it.

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