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Looking for organic, harms-free and yet powerful stain remover detergent? | B&B | Korean No1 Baby Laundry and Household |

Characterized by its iconic pink packaging, B&B ranges from laundry and household products such as baby detergent, fabric softener, soaps, stain removal, bottle cleanser to dental and infant care items such toothbrushes, toothpastes, cotton buds and cotton swabs.
I bet not many people heard of B&B before. B&B, also known as Baby & Basic is the most widely used brand among Korean mothers for infant-related household products. B&B baby care products are free from harmful substances and made from 100% natural ingredients. You will notice that every product has an ‘AIEGE’ logo attached to it that promises to eliminate 30 potential harmful substances as proclaimed by European Bureau of Consumer Unions (BEUC) and USA’s environmental organization EWC (Environmental Working Group).

Uniqueness of the B&B ranges.

Fabric Detergent - 1500ml [Price is RM52.90]

Made of 7 natural extracts (fermented bean, willow tree, portulaca, cinnamon, oregano, cypress tree, root of skullcap) which has antibacterial effects and protects the skin.
• Contains Murumuru fruit grown in the Amazon that has a natural cleaning effect
• No harmful chemicals (preservative, SLS, SLES, fluorescence brightening agent, phosphate, synthetase)
• Contains more than 97% biodegradability that is eco-friendly and safe for the skin
• No skin irritation.
For Machine Wash:
1. Apply a little B&B stain remover onto tougher stain before putting into washing machine.
2. Pour B&B Fabric Detergent into cap following dosage instruction. For best results, soak for 30 minutes before starting washing machine.
For Hand Wash: Mix warm water with recommended dosage. Gently rub and rinse thoroughly with water.

B&B fabric softener – 1500ml [RM52.90]
Made of 7 natural extracts (fermented bean, willow tree, portulaca, cinnamon, oregano, cypress tree, root of skullcap) which has antibacterial effects and protects the skin.
• No harmful chemicals (preservative, SLS, SLES, fluorescence brightening agent, phosphate, synthetase)
• Comes in floral Jasmine and Rose fragrance to aid baby in having better sleep.
• Contains antibacterial substances that prevent any germ propagation.
• No skin irritation.
Direction: Pour B&B Fabric Softener in the last rinse water or in washing machine dispenser & dry after rinse.
I somehow love the texture of the detergent and softener. It is a clear solution with gel-like texture (for detergent); and white color suspension with watery texture (for softener). The benefits of these texture are that it won’t create residues on our clothes.
B&B laundry products usage ratio guidelines. LEFT: detergent. RIGHT: softener.
For me, it seems like quite cost-effective as the ratio required is small compared to the usual detergent. For your info, B&B detergent is actually 6x more concentrated than the usual detergents.

For me, tough stains removing function is really important. Since I have babies, I really need an organic detergent which DOES NOT require heavy rubbing to remove though stains. Thanks to Mothercare for giving me a chance; I got an opportunity to try out this premium product. To justify the effectiveness of this organic brand, I had carried out 3 experiments as follow.
Experiment 1: Blanket test.
A new blood stain (about 2 weeks old) on the blanket was tested. I followed the instructions as written on the bottle, applied a little B&B stain remover onto tougher stain and soaked for 1 hour (without rubbing) before heading to the washing machine.
RESULTS: Quite impressive. As you can see the stains is 80% gone. I personally was quite amazed by the effectiveness of this organic product!
Experiment 2: Bed sheet test.
A new blood stain (3 weeks old) on the bed sheet was tested this time. Same procedure as mentioned above.
RESULTS: Very impressive! The stain is 90% gone!

Experiment 3: Baby clothes test.
This was a pumpkin puree stain (1 month old) on my baby romper collar. Repeat the same procedure as above.
RESULTS: Excellent! The stain is 100% gone!!
VERDICT: For the safety of my LO, I will continue using these B&B products despite for its price. It maybe quite pricey, however, I was quite amazed by its ability to remove tough stains with ease. B&B has really changed my mindset where I used to think that organic products which is free from harmful substances and made from natural ingredients are always inferior compared to normal synthetic detergents like Top, Breeze…

For those who are interested to learn more ‘bout B&B ranges, you may check out B&B official website for more details. B&B products are currently available in major baby retail stores like Mothercare and selected Aeon and Tesco in Malaysia.

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