Tuesday, 16 May 2017

NESTLE (M) BERHAD Goody Box 2017

Unlike previous year, this year the NESTLE shareholders gonna attend the AGM at Hilton KL Sentral on 27th April 2017, to get the goody box as well as the lunch pack. It was a disaster to collect the goodies, as there were too many people attended the AGM. The queue was very long for both the goody box and lunch pack counters. And what made the matters worst was that there were not enough goodies prepared for both of the items. So, most of the shareholders got either the goody box or the lunch pack on that day. Many disappointed shareholders had to register and collect their goody box at a later date at Amcorp Mall.

I was lucky to get the Goody box on the spot, but the lunch pack was out of stocks...
The box was huge!
Inside the Nestle Goody Box are a bunch of Nestle New products. I would say the whole box is worth about RM80. On top of that, NESTLE is giving out the LAZADA RM50 cash voucher (with no minimum purchase) this year. Hence, total value is about RM130 for year 2017.

NESTLE (@16/5/2017) = RM81.50
DY = 3.4%

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