FINANCIAL Freedom Ideas

Pharmacist used to be a great career with very bright future i.e. good pay and good prospects. However, things have changed tremendously recently. If you have followed my blog, I had written an article on Medical healthcare professional saturated issues. CLICK HERE for the write-up. And, it is so depressed to know that, this is actually happening everywhere in the world.

Hence, I have a will to build up steady passive income monthly and my dream is to achieve financial freedom by the age of 45. My targets are as follow:
1st target: To achieve RM5000/month passive incomes.
2nd target: To lead a frugal living by stretching the RM in style without sacrificing my favorite luxuries.

In my blog, I will share how to live large on a small budget as well as my insights on carefully saving money, investing and frugal living because these are the little things that matter in achieving financial freedom!

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