Thursday, 3 December 2015

How to Eliminate Body Odor?

Body odor stinks. Research has shown that some people with body odor have problems in their personal and social relationships. Feelings of shame, embarrassment, low self-esteem, isolation, frustration, and depression are extremely common where body odor is present.

What Are the Causes of Body Odor?

The human body has many systems that are constantly at work and waste byproducts are simply part of that process. The digestive process results in waste, our skin sweats to excrete waste, and the cells in our bodies are constantly replacing themselves. Just as we take in food, we put out waste. Although body odor often occurs when inadequate bathing or hygiene fail to properly clean up the messes our bodies make (sweat contains bacterial activity, allowing it to dry on the skin can produce body odor), it can also result from systemic deficiencies within the body.
In women, menstruation and stress often dramatically increases the degree of body odor. Yeast conditions such as candida can produce a beer-like smell since yeast can turn sugar into alcohol quickly within the body. Medical tests at Imperial College in London have shown that some people with body odor have ‘friendly bacteria’ imbalances.
Foods rich in the amino acid carnitine are known to leave residues in the intestines, which have to be worked on by the natural flora. Specific enzymes known as flavin monooxygenases break the residues down to an odorless state ready for excretion. If they are in poor supply, missing, or bowel flora is disturbed, a “fishy” body odor can result.

Combating the Problem

Hygiene issues
If body odor is a product of poor hygiene, new behaviors must be learned and adequate tools must be used. One thing we need to be clear of though is that toxic antiperspirant and deodorant sprays which contain Aluminium, Parabens, Propylene glycol, Phthalates are not the best solution. Many organic hygiene products are readily available in the market; however, they did not work well on me.
Recently, I came across a great product which works quite well on my smelly foot. Bano, super alkaline ionized water for sanitizing, cleaning and deodorizing. It is 100% alcohol free, chemical free, colorless and odorless. I used it only when necessary when my feet smell. Just spray this liquid directly to the affected areas, leave it to dry and the effects can last few days!!
What amazed me is that it even can deodorize my shoes effectively. Just spray the liquid into the inner sides of the shoes, leave it to dry. The effects can last quite long as well.
How it works? The below chart explains everything. 

Detox – infrared sauna
When body odor is indicative of a problem from within, detoxifying your body is the answer. There are a variety of cleansing routines that may be appropriate and regularly incorporating detox foods may help. Regular sessions in an infrared sauna are also known to encourage the removal of toxic impurities through the skin.
About 7% of people complaining of body odor do not completely digest particular foods because of enzyme deficiencies or digestive problems. So for regular support, persons with body odor should take a probiotic supplement, as this will help boost intestinal flora quality.

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