Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Official Portal to check registered products in Malaysia

Official Portal to check registered products in Malaysia
Since the increase literacy rate in this century, people are getting more and more concerned about the supplements and medicines that they take.
It is great relief to know that we have an online official portal to check registered products in Malaysia. Please click at the link below to access the website.

This is the official website set up by National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) and the website looks like this.

Through this website, we can perform online search on registered products by product name, product registration / cosmetic notification number, registered holder, active ingredient, manufacturer or importer.

Let’s do one example here.
I choose – Product Name;
Then choose – All Registered Product Other Than Cosmestic;
Then key in – Obical.
This is the searched results.
According to BIRO, this database is a cumulative list comprising of drugs registered with the Drug Control Authority since 1985 and cosmetics notified with the Director of Pharmaceutical Services.
And…the search of active ingredient is applicable for all registered products EXCEPT traditional medicines.

Yea~~ with this website, we have no worries of accidentally buying fake products.

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