Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Craving for Chee Cheong Fun? Ten Hup Chee Cheong Fun 天合香港猪肠粉 (Kajang) (NON-HALAL)

Ten Hup Chee Cheong Fun 天合香港猪肠

The family members are always busy due to the non-stop crowd.
 Chee Cheong Fun (mixed fillings) (Big Portion) 香港猪肠粉 (掺) (大) RM7.50 per plate ;This Chee Cheong Fun is a mixture of fresh prawns and Char Siu. The mouth-melting rice noodle rolls together with the sweet light soy sauce and Sambal make a perfect combination. It tasted so good until my 8 year old boy finished the whole plate all by himself.
 Chee Cheong Fun (mixed-type) (Small Portion) 香港猪肠粉 (掺) (小) RM5.50 per plate
Teh C RM1.50. We love the Teh and Kopi here. They make very rich and thick coffee which can wake you up for whole day.
A newspaper write-up for those know read Chinese.

I would say this is the best Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun in Kajang Town with reasonable price.

There is a choice between fresh prawns, Char Siu or a mix of prawns and Char Siu fillings for the Chee Cheong Fun. I ordered a big portion for myself and a small portion for my boy of the mixed fillings type and this order did not disappoint us at all! The Chee Cheong Fun was very silky smooth and fine. They were very generous with the fillings, you may request for extra the sauce and sambal if you crave for heavier and spicier taste.

Where is this?
8, Medan Selera, Jalan Bukit,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Opening Hours: 7.45am-1.45pm
Closed: Every Thursday
Contact No: 012-6053883

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