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Easy Bird Nest Soup Recipe (冰糖燕窝)

Bird nest soup (冰糖燕窝) is a prized Chinese delicacy. Bird’s nests (swallow’s saliva nests) are expensive due to the difficulty in harvesting. This soup is said to do wonders for skin, throat and lungs, as well as boosting overall health and well-being. It is suitable for all walks of life.
For men, bird’s nest is good to promote overall immunity as bird’s nest has high glycoprotein content, growth factors and a neutral energetic property, which help boost a weak immune system.
For women, bird’s nest is traditionally used as a beauty food. Many studies have shown that bird’s nest is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF). This substance is responsible for skin and tissue repair.
For seniors, bird’s nest may be used to maintain and enhance their health. Bird’s nest is traditionally used to clear phlegm, ease chronic dry coughs and relieve fatigue. It can also be used to stimulate the appetite, improve digestion and stimulate bowel movement.
For children, bird’s nest is a good supplement for growing children. Scientifically, bird’s nest contains proteins, amino acids and minerals that are essential for healthy development. Regular consumption of bird’s nest helps prevent colds and flu. By improving the function of the lungs and kidneys, bird’s nest helps boost the body’s immune system and increase resistance to external environmental factors.

Bird Nest Soup (Easy Instant Recipe)
Serves 4
Cooking Time: 15mins

4 pieces of dried bird nest

  • 4 pieces of dried bird nest
  • 3 large size red dates, pitted
  • 1 medium size honey date
  • 1 medium size rock sugar
  • 400ml water  

Equipment required:
(A) An extra bowl to transfer the cleaned bird nests.
(B) A white mug (internal must be whole white so that the dirt is more visible).
(C) Tweezer (a pointed tweezer preferred).
(D) A sift (to drain the cleaned bird nests before pouring into the pot). 

1. Soak the dried bird nests in filtered tap water for about 1-2 hours, or until the layers have softened and swelled.

2.  Use a pointed tweezer to carefully pluck out the tiny feathers and dirt in between the layers.  Transfer the cleaned bird nests into another bowl with water, and repeat this cleaning process 2-3 times.  Once done, drain the bird nests using a sift and pour all into a bowl.
Tiny feathers and dirt left after the bird nest cleaning.
Cleaned bird nest, the strands appeared to be juicy and bouncy.

3. Depends on individual preferences, honey date, red dates, wolf-berries and rock sugar can be added into the cleaned bird nests; Put everything into a small pot (preferably clay pot) and pour in boiling water.
Honey date, red dates and rock sugar are added into the cleaned bird nest before hot water is added.

4. Cook on MEDIUM flame for 5 minutes, then LOW flame for another 5-10 minutes. You may taste and adjust the sweetness and consistency of the soup.  I made this quite concentrated, if you feel that it is too thick, just add in some hot water.  Do not add cold water as it could bring down the temperature of the soup.

5.  Switch off the heat and consume warm just before bed.

Bird’s nest is best consumed on an empty stomach to allow the body to better absorb its nutrients.

Special thanks to my MIL who gave us a box of Sarawak raw bird’s nest to us.

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- No chemical processing or bleaching
- No middle man
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