Monday, 28 March 2016


Not sure how many of you all have experience of attending AGM before? I would like to share a story of mine here.

28th March 2016 is a big day for Public Bank as all the shareholders got a chance to meet each other and meet the Director of the company face-to-face during this Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The registration started at 7.30am and the meeting started at 11am sharp. We reached there at about 10.30 am. The crowd was unbelievably huge until all the seats are full and many shareholders even sat on the floor and staircase outside the hall waiting for their idol Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Teh Hong Piow.

Inside the meeting ballroom, crowded with people.

After registration, we proceeded to the door gift counter for gift redemption with the vouchers given. Each shareholder was only allowed to redeem 1 set of the gifts and a lunch pack. And the Proxy appointed was entitled get a set of the door gifts as well BUT WITHOUT the lunch pack when attending together.
Door gift 1 - Fordable Trolley Cart
The real look of the trolley cart.
Door gift 2 - Mug with lid

As usual the meeting was just a summary of the corporate biz performance in 2015 and the company’s planning for the future. It seems like everybody was happy with the board's decision. 1 1/2hrs later, the food counter was opened. Many shareholders lined up for the lunch pack. The food was good, just that the portion wasn't enough for big eaters like us :(
Lunch Pack with unlimited supply of hot coffee or tea of your choice.
Wonder what is inside the 5* hotel lunch box?
5* Hotel lunch box menu prepared by Shangri-la Hotel, KL.

Overall, it was a good experience to attend AGM. It was an eye-opening event for youngsters like us. Many senior citizens came, it seems like a great event for them to kill their time by attending this kind of function and meet their friends at the same time on yearly basis.

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