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SBP and MRSM | How much do you know?

Sekolah menengah cemerlang in Malaysia (Funded by g’vtment)
SBP in rankings: (Opened for SK students only; 9000 students’ intake per year, UPSR min 3A3B + active in koko)
1st Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah (KISAS), Klang, Selangor (Boys School) **SBP Elite (Top 7)
2nd Tengku Kurshiah College (TKC), Bandar Enstek, Nilai (Girls School) **SBP Elite (Top 8)
3rd Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak (SDAR), Sungai Gadut, Seremban, NS (Boys School) **SBP Elite (Top 9)
4th Sekolah Seri Puteri (SSP), Cyberjaya, Selangor (Girls School) **SBP Elite (Top 10)
5th Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah (SSAS), Putrajaya, Selangor (Boys SChool) **SBP Elite (Top11)
6th Sekolah Tun Fatimah (STF), JB, Johor (Girls School) **SBP Elite (Top 12)
7th Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK), Kuala Kangsar, Perak (Boys School) (Top 19)
8th Sbpi Gombak (Top 32)
9th Sms Muar.(Top 44)
MRSM in rankings: (Opened for SK students only; 7500 students’ intake per year, UPSR min 3A3B + active in koko)
1st MRSM Tun Ghaffar Baba (Melaka Jasin),
2nd MRSM Beseri (Perlis)
3rd MRSM Taiping (Perak)
4th MRSM Langkawi.
Kolej Yayasan Saad (Opened for SK and SJK students; 30 students per year funded by AXIATA scholarship, UPSR 6A + active in koko)

Advantages of SBP and MRSM:
+ sbp and mrsm are of top students and they achieve way better result than most schools, esp. in term of quantity.
+ cheap fees
+ really cheap accommodation and food
+ good discipline and good teacher:student ratio
+ good facilities
+ mix around with all kind of students rich poor, from diff state, day and night.
+ learn how to 'berdikari' manage your own life.
+ compulsory to play any sport every evening (as kids now days only prefer stretching their finger on computers.
+ a friend of my father who works at Kementerian Pelajaran said that when they want to choose the students to go to overseas, they'll pick from SBP or MRSM first...mostly the top schools like MCKK,TKC,SMS Faris Petra, KISAS

- Little time with family
- Have to be in class room for at least 10 hours weekdays
- About to no life (if shopping, computer and games, lazy weekend, hanging out are what you describe as life) , but you might enjoy the time of having friends all day round.
- Definitely the bed, the room, the bathroom/toilet are not as comfy as home, alongside of daily/weekly chores
- Can’t bring handphone to boarding school

Experience from ex-MRSM students:         
1st student experience – GOOD ***** lots and easy scholarship offers
I was from MRSM Taiping, and I got the chance to apply to a lot of scholarships right after my SPM trial. Some of them are UTP or to Japan under MARA, and PETRONAS oversea program. I got two of them, and because it depends on the forecast result, I get to start my study before the actual SPM result came out. All the scholarships I applied for are engineering course. But there are other programs available too. For instance, engineering or biotech will go to UTM, Russia medicine, UiTM fast track medicine or accounting. At least those are the available programs during my time (I took my SPM in 2005).

So basically, MRSM has better opportunities for scholarships if that's what you're looking for. But that only applies if you tend to apply using your trial result, after the actual SPM result comes out, everyone has equal chances. And if you manage to get to one of the top ten schools (regardless of whether it's MRSM or SBP), Bank Negara will come to your school after your forecast result comes out to interview you for the scholarship which is kind of rare, because they only open their application for SPM result.

2nd student’s experience – GOOD **** priority scholarship offers
I am x-mrsm pengkalan chepa which is Form 4-5 based MRSM. I was quite a leader in my previous school before joined MRSM, and have good relationship with teachers and school admin. But, during my early MRSM life, I’ve got "sabotaged" by my own batch which came from another MRSM during their form 1-3. I think it got to do with seniority status. I canceled my candidacy for Student Council and joined rebellion (a group of "freshman" students which came from normal daily school). Since then, i enjoyed been there and got 9As for my SPM. Now doing master in medical sciences at UKM. I took my SPM in 2001.

My advice if you make your choice to join SBP/MRSM, try be as low as you could (i mean be humble & low profile among your batch) and try do more in your studies. Be close with the teachers, coz they are from heaven! Stay away from boarding school politics at least until you get your "senior" status.

As for scholarship/sponsor after SPM, I bet all MRSM / SBP student got lots of scholarship/ sponsorship if you do well in your studies - MARA/JPA usually take the trial SPM results for these group so I can say the priorities is given to them first compared to normal daily school student. But too many choices at the end are bad for our health.

3rd student’s experience – GOOD **** Master degrees teachers
At my times, there are 4 elite mrsm..mrsm jasin, taiping, pengkalan chepa and langkawi..
MRSM have two tiers, the tier 1 is better than tier 2, and only 8A is admitted into tier 1, I can't remember all but tier among tier 1 are MRSM PC/Taiping/Langkawi . There used to be only 1, but its expanding now. This is to ensure that the students will compete among the same levels. All other things are the same allocation/facilities etc.

MRSM generally, have better qualified teachers, e.g. all with Master degrees. Currently a program to get teachers with PhD is underway in MRSM. All in all you will certainly get good teacher who are passionate about their subjects.

The tier 1 schools will also have the option to take O'levels on top of SPM, so you have better chances to get admitted to top A level school later on.

If you enter MRSM via cables, all your peers will know as your grades will be lowest, and to be in that position is not so nice.

Compared to SBP academically MRSM students are more capable, however lacking creatively. This is a surprise as MRSM student are exposed to myriad thinking skill Lateral Thinking/Mind Maps etc. as a required subject.

Unlike SBP, where one need to enter premier schools, all MRSM are housed under ANSARA. Just state your membership in ANSARA, and if you're lucky you got an interviewer from another MRSM.

I am an ex-SBP. I grabbed chances that come in my way to graduate with a PhD at the age of 28. Now I work with MRSM/SBP for syllabus enhancements as part of paying back...

4rd student’s experience – GOOD **** Lots of activities and competitions + free travelling
Ex-mrsm student (batch 2000) – A Chinese guy named Chow -

There is something about mrsm that i really like that what we called 'activity week'. In this week there will be no class at all, it is time to enjoy!

There will be a lot of activity/competition such as
+sport day
+60's night (really love this!)
+many more etc….

these activities depend on the BWP/SRC (badan wakil pelajar/student representative) there will be an election day for these people. If they are good; they surely can manage great events.

One more thing, there will be inter-mrsm competition...
such as
+drama/theater (there will be audition)
+nadwah islamiyah (nasyid and so on)

if you were elected as the school representative
1st  You got elaun for each day you be away..
2nd You can travel to many places.
i almost travel to all parts of Malaysia because of this!!

5th student’s experience – GOOD ***** Easy scholarships + job opportunities.
I have a friend who finished her boarding school (i mean sbp), she managed to get scholarship or sponsorship from mara, doing IB too,and currently she is taking her degree, bachelor in medicine in royal college of surgeon, dublin, Ireland. So for sbp students, they are also capable of applying scholars from JPA, MARA or even PETRONAS. Not only mrsm students are meant for mara scholarship right? it depends on one's luck and also the way you manage to guide yourself to achieve what you want.

I am neither mrsm nor sbp. But i did receive an offer letter to a boarding school, a well-known sbp though when i finished my upsr once upon a time ago. But i didn’t go since I’m a homelover (you cannot blame the school since I’m the one who is having problems here). I would say i do regret for not accepting the offer since years passed by, the school that i supposed to enroll myself did well in their academics and curricular activities (based on what is see in tv and newspapers)
Good for the newbies, i would suggest if u get an offer to further your secondary at a boarding school, you should accept it because it is a great exposure there i guess based on what i heard and saw from my friends around me. They do well in their future undertakings.

fyi, at my current company (a well-known telecommunication commission located in cyberjaya)..most of the head of departments were coming from those famous sbp i.e MCKK, TKC and any other sbp that i might not very familiar with since I’m not an ex-sbp..So grab the chance if you do have all what it takes to be a boarding school's student.

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