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Fever Treatment @ Government Clinic (Klinik Kerajaan)

Fever Treatment @ Government Clinic
(Klinik Kerajaan)

So sad… our little mei mei, a 10 month old baby had been feverish for 4 days continuously. The fever was on and off even though I gave her Nurofen syrup alternate with PCM 125mg suppository plus Koolfever patches when her fever did not go down. Her temperature was measured 38.80C which was scary high. So, we decided to bring her to see doctor. We reached KK at about 7pm that day.

After examined by doctor, we were asked to take our baby’s blood for further investigation. The results were as follow.
Blood Report

It seems like just some mild viral infections. However, as her body temperature was dangerously high i.e. 38.80C. According to the very confident doctor, she said my baby will get epilepsy (sawan) anytime if this persists. And she insisted to give her PCM 125mg Supp STAT and give her cold bath STAT and to strip off her clothes to cool down her temperature immediately. She was given a cold bath with a few pieces of 10cmx10cm gauze from head to toe for 15 mins (actually using the tap water not the ice water) and left naked (ermm…only allowed with diapers on).** This was quite unacceptable for those elderly, as they strongly believe that cold bath will worsen the fever. ** Then, we were asked to go back to the doctor to measure our baby’s temperature again. After the 15 mins, our daughter’s body temperature fell to 37.80C. Surprisingly, this is very effective!! The doctor then only prescribed PCM syrup, no antibiotic was given.

And the doctor gave us a very good scientific advice on fever management (where we never know):
BATH:                    4 times a day (to reduce the body heat)
CLOTHES:          Just wear a singlet with diapers (NO long pajamas, NO wrapping with blanket. Otherwise this will cause the heat being caught inside the body and cause the body temperature to go up.)
MEDICINE:           Paracetamol (PCM) syrup prescribed.
DOSAGE:             Initially 4ml 4 hourly
                                Then 4ml 6 hourly
                                Then 4ml 8 hourly
                            Then terminate the treatment (Fever supposed to be subsided by then)

When we got back home, we immediately gave another water bath for my baby and let her sleep. Then, 4 hours later, another dose of PCM syrup.  Surprisingly, her fever was just gone like that till the next morning. About 8 hours later, I gave her another dose of PCM syrup before heading to nanny. Then, her fever just subsided like that without the need of giving frequent PCM dosing.

This was our extra-ordinary fever treatment experience for non-complicated fever case. Just a sharing for those who have toddler or baby.  As the parents, we all are worry about prolonged fever.

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