Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Fussy customer…

Fussy customer…

Life as a community pharmacist can be really frustrated sometimes. Nowadays, customers can be very fussy and disgusting. Today, I just came across one. However, since he has been a regular customer with us for so many years, I just keep silent and did not argue with him. Sigh~

Customer: Can you order for me this cough effervescent tablet (showed his sample). It is very effective for my cough and phlegm, and I take it for long term. Just keep some stock; I will come here to buy slowly, you know la, I only come here to buy my medications.

Pharmacist: Okay, I will order for you. [I tried very hard to persuade the purchaser and she agreed to order a lot for this VIP customer. The smallest lot is 20, so, she ordered 20 boxes]
Customer: (come to collect his medicine) May I know my special price?

Pharmacist: RM16/bx, Sir.

Customer: How come so expensive? My doctor only sells me at RM11/bx. Even airport also sells at RM17/bx. Why arr? Can you ask your purchaser how come your price so expensive? I don’t want to buy if like that, better get from my doctor, cheaper, I can save RM5/bx.

Pharmacist: The best I can give is RM14.40 (5% margin). We had ordered 20 boxes to enjoy the special price because of you, Sir. [The cost is RM13.60/bx, cannot understand how the doctor sells him at RM11]

Customer: In that case, I buy one box. You can sell to others who don’t know the price.

Pharmacist: ……Thank you, Sir. We will try to reflect the pricing problems to the management. [Talking to him with smiley face] [Sigh~ I really need high EQ and PR skills to maintain this type customer]

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