Saturday, 9 January 2016

Shogun2u Food Delivery Experience

Due to the advancement of the IT globally, online business are mushrooming everywhere and gaining popularity nowadays and this happen in Malaysia as well.

We were attracted by Shogun2u advertisement. When we google online, we realised that this online food delivery service actually offer a wide range of yummy food choices. And with the current offer MEGA 40 at 40% OFF the total bill, it seems like quite affordable for us to try out something new and different. Hence, we decided to order 1 combo Japanese Nasi Lemak set (for 3 persons), 2 sets of Japanese Nasi Lemak set meal as well as the very popular Shogun Fried Buns…should be more than enough for 5 pax consumption.

Our Japanese Nasi Lemak Set Meal (comes with sugar cane drink, a piece blackforest cake, a container of japanese peas (Edamame) , a container of mochi (4 pcs) and a container of super spicy hot sambal @ RM16.08/set (after the discount). The fried buns were RM2.90 for 3 pieces (after discount).
Shogun delivery boy.
The  whole 5 sets of Shogun Nasi Lemak that we ordered.
Our Shogun2u bill
In short, our comment for this Shogun2u food delivery experience is…

DELIVERY TIME:                     3/10 (It took 2 ½ hrs to reach us instead of 1 ½ hrs as promised. We called the hotline few times but nobody pick up the phone)

FOOD PRESENTATION:           9/10 (Excellent!! Everything were sealed properly, no spills even for the sambal and drinks, all 5 sets were packed in the well-sealed containers.)

FOOD QUALITY:                  7/10 (The sotong balls were fresh and tasted really delicious, but the chicken balls were not fresh and tasted a bit weird; The rice was delicious with firm and chewer texture, it seems like they are using quality Japanese rice.)

MAIN DISH TASTE:                  9/10 (Sambal is too spicy, even Malays also cannot take it)

DRINK TASTE:                      9/10 (We got sugar cane drink, it was yummy and refreshing)

DESSERT TASTE:                 10/10 (The black forest cakes that we got were delicious, it was not over sweeten and with lots of chocolate flakes; we love the Mochi and the fried buns, they tasted really good. The Mochi were soft and not too sweet, it came in 4 colors with different tastes ie. peanut (yellow), black sesame (white), green (green beans) and pink (red bean) ; whereas, the fried buns were crispy outside and juicy inside.)

OVERALL:                             8/10 (Will try again when there is crazy offer again.)


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