Wednesday, 4 May 2016


AXREIT is a blue-chip REIT counter in KLSE with good and consistent dividend yield. This year AXREIT held its AGM in Hilton PJ on 29 April 2016, Friday. As usual, this AGM was crowded with shareholders early morning before the meeting started at 10am sharp.

AXREIT board of directors are all super-women ^_^

The registration counters.
Free flow of drinks i.e. hot coffee and tea provided throughout the meeting.
Each shareholder was given a paper bag. This is the so-called door-gift. Wonder what was inside? Please scroll down to see the picture beneath.
A container of desserts...

Glad to know that AXREIT’s net profits increased about 8% for this quarter with EPS of 2.28 cents, and announced dividend of 2.05 cents. Hopefully it can earn more and offer more yield this year onward.

AXREIT price @3/5/2016 = RM1.64
Dividend = 8.4 cents (projected for year 2016)
Dividend Yield = 5.1%
NOTE: AXREIT has the dividend policy of at least 95% of the current year-to-date attributable income for 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter as well as 99% of the current year-to-date distributable income for its 4th quarter.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a recommendation for buy or sell. This post is intended for sharing only. Please trade at your own risks.

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