Tuesday, 17 May 2016


“I will follow you” – DIGI's famous tagline since decades ago. DIGI has been well-known as a shareholder friendly company. Looking at the annual report, I realized that DIGI has most numbers of shareholders where currently the number of shareholders are 30121 [seriously that is really a lot of followers!!!]. This year, DIGI AGM was held on 13th May 2016, Friday at Connexion@Nexus, Bangsar South, KL, which is currently the most popular venue for any events due to its excellent location and facilities as well as cheap parking rate. We departed quite early that day to avoid the traffic jams and crowd. Thank god, we reached there quite early at about 8.30am despite the jams, however, there were already a huge crowd gathering outside the halls for the AGM.

The Board of DIGI directors. The AGM started 10 mins late at 9.10a.m.
3 ballrooms had been taken for this AGM due to the huge number of shareholders and proxies.
After the registration, each of us was given 2 vouchers.
The packed food collection counter.
Free flow of iced water, hot coffee and hot tea were supplied throughout the meeting.
Doorgift 1 - RM100 DIGI prepaid card. The value had increased 100% compared to last year where RM50 prepaid card was given.
Doorgift 2 - The packed food goody bag prepared by Connexion@Nexus.
Packed food at one glance. It was fulling enough to be taken as brunch. However, the Lo Mai Kai was seriously over-salted and the pastries were not really nice :( 
 I gonna say that the food was quite a disappointment compared to last year where each attendee was given a buffet voucher to dine at The Resort Cafe @ Sunway. (Obviously there is a shrinkage of value in food!)
Everywhere was so crowded with people. Look at the number of shareholders in the statistics below. If 10% of the holders were attending, there were at least 3000 people. That day, we think there were at least 6000 people judging from the crowd.

Slides presented by the DIGI CEO,  Albern Murty. According to him, DIGI is still the fastest growing 4LTE network in Malaysia presently.
Current challenges faced by DIGI.
DIGI products which are available in the existing market now.
DIGI booth outside the AGM ballroom. Other than superb DIGI packages and gadgets offers, there were 2 games counters where the attendees could play games and win prizes.

It was good to know that DIGI still has the most number of subscribers now at 12.34 millions despite the stiff competitions. However, DIGI’s share price had been heading downtrend in the recent few months from the peak of RM6.06 a year ago until now standing at RM4.39. This has worried many of its shareholders and me myself as well. Referring to the questions raised up by the shareholders during the AGM, the DIGI chief executive officer Albern Murty said that…

“In the past 12 months, competition in the industry has been very intense with aggressive pricing amid weak consumer sentiments.” 

“Competition will always be there and we welcome competition.” 
[Many competitors now i.e. Digi , Maxis , Celcom (Axiata) , U Mobile , YES , P1, XOX]

“In fact, we are actually trying to move away from price competition, which explains the roll-out of our long-term evolution (LTE) network and investments we put into the LTE network expansion.

“This helps us take the new position that we want to build, where we aim to be the digital life partner of customers by 2020.” 

“Moving forward, our group has three growth areas to focus on, namely internet users, customers’ migration to new devices and new digital services.”

DIGI share price (on 15/5/2016) = RM4.39
Dividend (cents) = 22 cents
Dividend Yield (%) = 5%

DISCLAIMER: This is not a recommendation for buy or sell. This post is intended for sharing only. Please trade at your own risks.


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