Monday, 11 April 2016

新奇美食雞飯 The chicken rice stall @ Taman Sejahtera, KL

It has been a while, we didn’t visit the food stalls for street food. However, there was this one day, we were deeply attracted by this chicken rice stall when we passed by this stall.

The boss busy preparing clients' orders.
Interior look of the chicken rice stall.

Steamed Kampong chicken - this is the chicken wing part. The boss took off the bones and left the bouncy collagen skin and the tender, smooth & juicy chicken flesh beautifully on a plate.. It tasted really good.
Crispy roast pork belly - we love this very much. The pork belly was crispy outside, tender and juicy inside.
Yummy chicken rice with 2 choices i.e. oily rice or plain rice.

The special formula chilli sauce. This is a must to go together with the chicken rice.

Special formula ginger sauce - another a must to eat together with the chicken and pork rice.
Each rice set order came with a winter melon soup

Our bill turned out to be RM16 (included a mug of Air Barley). It was slightly more expensive (although not as expensive as the RM26 diamond chicken rice in Seremban) than usual in a place like this, but, to be frank, the rice was really delicious.

Where is this?
2-8, Jalan 6/42a, Taman Sejahtera,
52000 Kuala Lumpur.
Stall opens for brunch and lunch daily.


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