Friday, 15 April 2016


KLCCP AGM was held in The Mandarin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 13th April 2016. The meeting started at 10.30am sharp. As usual, many senior citizens appeared as early as 8.30am, and the buffet breakfast was finished before 10am.

The board of directors.
Youngsters spotted in the AGM. Sort of surprising as KLCCP AGM had attracted quite a bunch of young people ^_^.
Free flow of hot coffee and tea.
Free flow of iced water as well.

Heard the director said that there were about 1900 shareholders and 700 proxies attended this AGM. But it seems like there was only about 200 people inside the hall.

It was quite worrying to know that The Mandarin Hotel occupancy rate was 48% for year 2015. And they are looking to for new tenants to set up office at Menara Exxonmobil after the main occupant i.e. US oil giant Exxonmobil decided that it won’t be taking up the whole building anymore under a new long-term lease agreement. However, I am still confident with this 1st and only stapled REIT in Malaysia. Hopefully, it can perform even better and offer better yield this year!

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