Friday, 29 April 2016


Another AGM in the almost last day of April 2016 is TM (Telekom Malaysia) AGM. As usual, TM AGM was held in Menara TM. The parking was free; in fact, it was free entry for that morning without the need of getting the parking ticket. Registration started at 8am, the crowd was tremendously huge and many of the senior shareholders reached really very early.

The board of directors.
Many counters were opened for registration. I bet you all can imagine how huge was the crowd just now.
Free flow of nasi lemak and drinks i.e. coffee or tea were provided throughout the AGM outside the hall.
The door-gifts...

TM reported a turnover of RM11.72b and a net profit of RM894.9m in 2015. Hopefully, the capex for it's mobility unit "webe" which will be available in mid of the year will boost the group's earning.

TM price @ 28/4/2016 = RM6.70
Div = 21.4 cents
DY = 3.22%

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