Wednesday, 6 April 2016


April is a busy month with AGM. This year BSTEAD AGM was held at the same hotel i.e. Royal Chulan Damansara Hotel, PJ. Unexpectedly, there were many shareholders and proxies attended this time compared to previous year. The parking in the hotel was all full, and we had to park our car in the next building.
Inside the meeting room, I would say it was full house. We managed to get a seat at the side through the help from the BSTEAD staffs.
Like PHARMA, free flow of drinks were provided as well.
The breakfast set provided by BSTEAD, redeemed using voucher. The senior shareholders said that the bihun was a disaster.

It was a bad year for BSTEAD last year with earnings of 1.28 cents per share^_^! The CEO said the group is able to perform better this year. Hopefully the group can perform well in the coming years.

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