Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Chinese Fine Dining Experience @ The Mandarin Hotel, KLCC (NON-HALAL)

There is a Chinese restaurant named Han Li Heen 丽宝 inside the The Mandarin Hotel, KLCC. Sound a bit funny to say that this was our first fine-dining experience in a Chinese restaurant inside the 5* hotel. We would say it was indeed a memorable FINE-DINING experience ^_^..

External view of the Han Li Heen 丽宝轩 Chinese Restaurant. As expected, it looks elegance, luxury and high class; In short, exactly the 5-star hotel restaurant look.
Internal of the restaurant is very conducive with the luxury and elegance feel. The soft traditional Chinese music makes the environment even more comfortable. If you scrutinize, the kitchen is right in front (with full glass panel).There were about 20 chefs inside busy preparing the dishes.
Our first dish - Appetizer - Sweet and sour fried anchovies. RM0.
The condiments - Chili sauce, preserved green chilies, chili belacan and soy sauce (at generous amount) were found on each dining table for the clients to enhance the flavor of their dishes.
Chef's specialty - Imperial hot and sour szechuan soup with prawns. 宫庭虾球酸辣羹。 A few pieces of big prawns were found inside. This soup tasted really nice until we need to ask for extra rice. RM42 nett.
Vegetarian dish - Steamed bean curd with mushrooms and vegetables. 碧禄翡翠滑豆腐。 This dish seems like a mixed vegetable for us with the silky smooth tofu hidden beneath. RM38 nett.
Chef's specialty - Jasmine tea leaf smoked free range chicken (half chicken). 茶香烤鸡。 This is the best chicken we ever tried. The chicken meat is succulent, juicy inside with Jasmine fragrance and bouncy chicken skin outside. They were really good at controlling their flavorings, it tasted just nice, without over-dosing of salts and soy sauce. Thumbs up for this dish! RM90 nett.
Ginger and spring onion dip to go together with the chicken. We love this very much!!
Fragrance steamed white rice @ RM4.25 nett/bowl.
The bill...RM189.30 for the Chinese fine-dining experience in 5-Star Hotel.

Overall, it was a great experience. The dishes served were very fine (the chicken were served without the bones), the food ingredients used were at the highest grade and the taste was excellent. We will definitely come back again one day for their dim sum. It seems like a must order dish in this restaurant as every table would order at least 3 plates of the dim sum (according to my 1 hour of observation there ^_^).

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